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Bullet DVR Camera

Bullet DVR CAM-01

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Regular Price: CA$199.99

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Introducing the range of bullet cameras from Bullet DVR. From 450 to 580 TV Lines, pick the one that's right for your application.

Bullet DVR Camera

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Regular Price: CA$199.99

Special Price: CA$149.99


High Resolution Color CCD Sensor: The range of cameras from Bullet DVR are available in various resolutions, from 450TVL (TV Lines) all the way up to 580TVL. All of them feature a state-of-the-art Sony CCD sensor, which provides a crisp and colorful image.

Fully Sealed and Waterproof: Use them in the rain, mud or snow. The Bullet DVR cameras are protected against the elements, and internally treated with a silicone based compound, to keep dust and moisture out of the camera body, and also to protect the electronics internals against failures caused by vibrations. The addition of an o-ring seal with an external protective glass cover ensures a 100% protection against condensation. Unlike other lower grade camera types, the Bullet DVR cameras will never fog up, under any conditions. Guaranteed.

Replaceable Lens System: Every camera comes fitted with a standard 3.6mm lens, providing a 92 degrees viewing angle. This lens works best for most applications, but sometimes you need to change it to get that special camera angle you want. You can do this quickly and easily, thanks to the modular construction of the camera housing. We have a wide variety of optional camera lenses to choose from, and you can change it without any special tools or knowledge. Features a clear protective glass for your lens and O-ring seal to keep the dust and water out.

Heavy duty strain-relief cable: The Bullet DVR camera's most unique feature is the strain-relief video cable, which make it extremely resistant for field use. Other so-called "helmet cams" are just plain old video surveillance cameras, with a tripod mount in the back. This leaves very little room for the video cable and will most likely get pinched or pulled out of the camera body, as soon as you want to use it for extreme sports.

Customized cable: Every Bullet DVR camera is available with your choice of either Standard or Quick-Connect video cable. The Standard version measures 120 cm (4 ft.) long and comes with RCA connector for video and 2.1mm DC connector for external power. The Quick-Connect version is a single, waterproof type connector that matches the output plug found on the Multi-Cam DVR unit. It measures 90 cm (3 ft. long).

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